A Car and Driver for My Parents

When my parents told me they wanted to come here to Toronto to visit me, I got pretty excited. It was short notice though, so I had to maneuver my schedule around to have a few days off. The only snag in the arrangements was that I had to attend a meeting when they arrived, meaning I would not be able to pick them up from the airport. I know they could have rented a vehicle at the airport, but they have never been to Toronto before. I did not want them having to navigate streets they were unfamiliar with and miss seeing where I live.

That is why I decided to rent a car and driver for them. I wanted them to be able to sit back and enjoy the ride, see the sites, and just relax after a long flight that involved a lengthy layover. Read all »

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Buying New Tires for the Surfaces You Are Riding on

Over the years of having several different types of vehicles I have learned a thing or two about buying new tires. I have had cars that used touring tires and SUVs and trucks that needed truck tires. I also live in snow country, and I have a good deal of experience with studded snow tires. When I drove a Jeep, it had tires that were a balance of tread and design for highway and snow. They were lousy in mud. That Jeep would go through the snow better than anything I ever owned before. I would pass up pickup trucks and other four-wheel drive vehicles that would be stuck. However, it would not go in mud with those tires. You need specialty tread and tire design for the surface you will be riding on.

The key is to get a balance of tread design based on the surfaces you mostly drive on. If you live in snow country, then a tire for highway and slick roads is great. Read all »

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Fixing a Dent in My Bumper

When I was hit not long ago, I admit that I was pretty upset. I had never been involved in an accident, and I was upset that this one happened because a teen was texting as she drove her car. Thankfully, neither of us were hurt, and her car only sustained a minor scratch. Mine, however, had a huge dent in the bumper. I took it to the garage I use and nearly fainted at the price they quoted me. I knew I had to see if I could find a better price. That’s how i found http://mobiledentrepairlondon.com.

A good friend of mine told me that it wouldn’t hurt to call them and see what they would charge. I wanted to know more about them before I called them though. I went to their website and looked around, and I was happy to see that I would be able to just get a quote directly through the website. I read everything on the site first, and I liked that they only fixed the damaged area. The reason my garage was going to charge so much is because they were going to replace the entire bumper after they saw the damage. Read all »

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Started Looking for a Limo for Prom

I am sure it is not hard to find limousine service in Toronto. The question is going to be whether or not you are going to be able to do it so that a guy like me can afford to rent it for prom night. I have been looking at what they cost and it was not as though I was expecting it to be cheap, but it is going to really add up. In particular you have to think about how the limo is one thing and you need ten things. Some of them are small things and the limo is definitely the big thing, but it is all going to add up and it is going to add up in a hurry. Read all »

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Put a New Engine in the Thunderbird

My uncle Bob and I just got done with the job and I was surprised at how relatively easy it was. We got a rebuilt used engine with low mileage on it after searching for one like we needed on http://revven.com, which is a search engine for finding prices on engines. They shipped the engine to the place where Bob works and then he took it home with him and put it on his engine hoist. We did the whole thing in this shed out behind his house. It was just a matter of following the instructions and doing what you were told to do. We had to buy this book which cost about thirty dollars, but that was just to make it easier. It was not really necessary, but it was definitely a big help. You could have gotten the same information off of the Internet, but there is not a connection in that shed. Read all »

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Great Mileage from a Limo

I recommend Limo Service Express to anyone who needs to travel in style. I used to rent cars whenever I wanted to make an impression, because my car didn’t run very well and wasn’t too attractive either. The car has been chugging along for many years, and I think it’s finally on its last legs. While rental cars are great, they were just regular cars. Even luxury rental cars were still pretty ordinary to me, although they did look good. Only something like a limousine can suit my tastes and everyone else seems to like it too.

I always come across people who want to take a ride in my limo whenever I rent one. Sometimes it is my friends that want a ride, but I occasionally encounter strangers who want to ride as well. A majority of the time, I give a ride to females. I haven’t had too many males ask for rides, but the ones that do creep me out a little bit. I just ride past them as if I didn’t hear them asking for a ride. Read all »

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Started to Plan for New Year’s Eve

Gaylord’s big hotel at the National harbor has a big New Year’s eve thing and I am thinking about whether or not that is going to be the thing to do. Of course it is a simple idea. Almost any other idea you have might involve hiring a limo from a BWI car service and that gets real expensive in a big hurry. Obviously this is one night of the year and it is probably the one night of the year when I will really drink way too much. Read all »

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Trying to Cut Corners on the Wedding

It does not really work that way, at least not unless you skip town and have the wedding in the court house some place. I am thinking about hopping on a plane to Las Vegas and spending all of the money that this is going to cost on gambling and drinking. I could actually see that instead of what it going to cost for all the stuff you need for the sort of wedding they want. You started out with a wedding limo in Toronto and that is going to run close a thousand dollars by itself if you get the full package. Read all »

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Learning About Vehicle Engine and Fuel Additives at a Great Store Online

I look into fuel additives when a car is getting up in miles. I found a great store online that has information about the different fuel and engine additives you can get for different vehicles. I found out the first one was made by Bell in 1909! The additives for gasoline and diesel engines began early in the car and engine making industry. I remember that PTFE was popular for a long time for pouring into the oil. PTFE is just another name for the brand of non-stick coating they put on pots and pans.

Another interesting thing I found out about additives for engines is that bleach is used in some of them. Bleach, or sodium hypochlorite, is extremely slippery. Read all »

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A Taste of True Luxurious Freedom

There are times when you just have to ride comfortably. I recently totaled my car out which meant that I was going to be without wheels for an extended period of time. That is, until my insurance company offered me a chance to rent a car. Somehow I was able to secure a limousine service in Bergen County NJ instead of renting some Kia! It was pretty awesome and I still do not know how I have managed to get away with it but for a week straight I was able to kick back in luxury as my insurance company paid for limousine services.

My friends thought I was crazy but I didn’t care – they were more than happy to accompany me whenever I asked! I seriously went everywhere that I could with a limousine. To the grocery. To Yoga. To the bar. To work and back. Everything was charged to the insurance company who never bat an eye at the costs. Read all »

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The Progression of Modern Business

I have found that utilizing a Limousine to get around town to be one of the more optimal choices whenever I’ve visited Dulles car service. No offense to the Taxi companies in the area but they are far more expensive than even a limousine which, as you’re probably thinking right now, is a mind blowing. Then again, I’ve also used Uber to great effect but Uber doesn’t have anything like a Limousine service but if they did, I can just imagine how popular they would be! The business model which Uber has created is a whole new way of approaching business and it’s thanks to the Internet that it has been made possible.

I believe that the Internet is a fundamental communication tool which is going to be necessary to the health of society if we want to continue progressing forward. Read all »

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Found an Old Fire Truck at an Auction

Of course I never really thought I would get this, but then I got a look at it and I realized that this was one heck of a project. Me and three other guys were interested in it and we were all joking about how much money and time a man could sink into this thing. One guy was saying that he would have to find a place with a train horn for sale and I looked at it and realized that some guy had ripped off the horns. You could see where they had been. Of course the likelihood is that they cannibalized this fire trucks for parts after it was out of use. It has apparently been sitting in the corner of the county garage for close to three decades. Read all »

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Blue Sky Avionics, an Instrumentation Company That Keeps You Informed!

MIT Reveals Designs for Future Airplanes - The Wastetime PostBlue Sky Avionics is a company located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This company specializes in bringing low cost aviation products that are modern for today’s consumers. The products carried by this company are specifically for those that engage in paragliding, hang gliding, hot air ballooning, sailplanes, ultralight and experimental aircraft.

Blue Sky Avionics is the manufacturer of all Ball Variometer products. It is also an Federal Aviation Administration certified repair station and an official source for repair and calibration of all BALL products. Items that need restoration or repair are returned to service within 48 hours. As an innovative company, Blue Sky Avionics also works on custom engineering of new technologies with creative solutions to complex challenges.

One of the products carried that is a first in aviation communications is the Vertex Standard. This unit has combined an Air Band Transceiver, VOR Navigation, Amateur Radio 2 meter, and a NOAA Weather Receiver in a single hand-held unit that is perfect for flight communications. This unit is also submersible and contains a rechargeable battery. This is just one of the many products that Blue Sky Avionics carries for consumers.

They also provide a website which is located at www.blueskyavionics.com. Scott Christensen is the president of Blue Sky Avionics. Scott holds a LTA commercial and a single-engine-land airplane rating. He has been in the avionics field for the past 10 years and has worked in the electronic and engineering industry for the past 21 years. Scott Christensen also has been an avid hot air balloonist.

Christensen took over the company recently and stated openly, “It has always been by life long dream to be the owner of an aviation related company. The combination of my electronics experience, passion for aviation and the availability of an established product base made the timing perfect for this venture.”

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Take to the Sky with Blue Sky Avionics

Mosquito Aviation Mosquito XEL datasheet - BlueSkyRotor, modern ...As a ballooning enthusiast, I am very familiar with BALL Variometer products. They have become the world standard instrument cluster for the sport. I have used their products many times over the years and can vouch for their quality. Apparently, this quality has now been shared by the company’s newest division, Blue Sky Avionics.

Blue Sky Avionics will create avionics technologies not just for ballooning, but for all types of aviation. This will come as a great surprise for my ballooning friends that also love to fly. In fact, many of them will likely use Blue Sky’s products when they take to the sky.

When you take to the sky in a hot air balloon, you have to make sure that everything is just right. One false move can result in an absolute catastrophe. Read all »

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