There are times when you just have to ride comfortably. I recently totaled my car out which meant that I was going to be without wheels for an extended period of time. That is, until my insurance company offered me a chance to rent a car. Somehow I was able to secure a limousine service in Bergen County NJ instead of renting some Kia! It was pretty awesome and I still do not know how I have managed to get away with it but for a week straight I was able to kick back in luxury as my insurance company paid for limousine services.

My friends thought I was crazy but I didn’t care – they were more than happy to accompany me whenever I asked! I seriously went everywhere that I could with a limousine. To the grocery. To Yoga. To the bar. To work and back. Everything was charged to the insurance company who never bat an eye at the costs. Part of me is concerned that this might come back to haunt me but I think I got a solid lead on them, there’s no way that they’re going to come back months later looking at the costs.

Now that I’m back with my original car, life has sort of lost a bit of meaning. I realize now just how much I actually loathe driving. Every day it’s the same thing. Every day you’re dealing with traffic and anger and pretty much taking your life into your hands while trusting your life to perfect strangers on the road. That is no way to live life, if you ask me. I don’t want to think that I could die at any moment because some guy is too busy texting rather than looking at the road when he creams my car!

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