I can not get the check engine light to go off on my car. It is not so easy to just use a car diagnosis tool and figure out what is wrong all of the time. When I do that the thing tells me that I need a new coil, but when I get a new coil it says the same thing. Of course this car is not any good to me without an inspection sticker and this car is not worth putting a lot of money into it. That is how it is going to work with a car that is this old. I have had it myself about five years and I have gotten my money’s worth from it if I am going to be completely honest about it. The car has over a quarter of a million miles on the odometer, in fact it is closer to three hundred thousand miles than it is to that. So you know this car is way past the point where it is worth your time to put much cash into getting it road worthy.

I am guessing that the thing can really only be sold as scrap metal too. So long as you can not get it inspected the thing is not really a working car, at least not in the practical sense and that is all that matters. I suppose that someone who is a mechanic could mess around with the thing and figure out what is really wrong. In fact the problem could just be with some sort of error which is just causing it to think there is something wrong when there really is nothing that is wrong with the car. There just is not any way for me to know or find out the real truth of it.

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