I have twin boys who absolutely love cars and trucks and thought it would be a neat idea to find custom number plates they can hang in their bedrooms. The other day I came across an advertisement offering these items so I clicked on it and it directed me to https://www.showplatesdirect.com/custom-number-plates/. I was amazed at how many different options there were to choose from and quickly forgot about time as I was looking around.

It was a little bit overwhelming to narrow down the choices and thought I should enlist the help of my two boys. I wanted to make sure these plates were exactly as they wanted them to be. They were so happy and excited to sit down with me and sort through the options. We looked at different fonts, borders, and badges together. After about an hour looking over everything, they finally narrowed it down to what they wanted. We placed our order and selected the standard shipping option. All we had to do now is wait for the plates to arrive in the mail.

I have to admit it was a lot of fun for us to do this as a family. It was some very unexpected quality time spent with them that I’m sure we’ll all remember for years to come. Almost immediately after placing the order, both of my boys started making calls to their friends to let them know about the custom plates they just created. It warmed my heart to see them so happy. Being a single mother I often struggle with finances and this was something I could for them that did not cost too much money. Sometimes it is the little things in life that have the biggest impact and I think this is a prime example of that. Life is good.

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