Started to Plan for New Year’s Eve

Gaylord’s big hotel at the National harbor has a big New Year’s eve thing and I am thinking about whether or not that is going to be the thing to do. Of course it is a simple idea. Almost any other idea you have might involve hiring a limo from a BWI car service and that gets real expensive in a big hurry. Obviously this is one night of the year and it is probably the one night of the year when I will really drink way too much. Read all »

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Trying to Cut Corners on the Wedding

It does not really work that way, at least not unless you skip town and have the wedding in the court house some place. I am thinking about hopping on a plane to Las Vegas and spending all of the money that this is going to cost on gambling and drinking. I could actually see that instead of what it going to cost for all the stuff you need for the sort of wedding they want. You started out with a wedding limo in Toronto and that is going to run close a thousand dollars by itself if you get the full package. Read all »

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