Over the years of having several different types of vehicles I have learned a thing or two about buying new tires. I have had cars that used touring tires and SUVs and trucks that needed truck tires. I also live in snow country, and I have a good deal of experience with studded snow tires. When I drove a Jeep, it had tires that were a balance of tread and design for highway and snow. They were lousy in mud. That Jeep would go through the snow better than anything I ever owned before. I would pass up pickup trucks and other four-wheel drive vehicles that would be stuck. However, it would not go in mud with those tires. You need specialty tread and tire design for the surface you will be riding on.

The key is to get a balance of tread design based on the surfaces you mostly drive on. If you live in snow country, then a tire for highway and slick roads is great. Read all »

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