A Limo Bus Party This Year

I was trying to figure out a way to really surprise my family for this Christmas. We are the kind of family that likes to make each other happy with silly little things as well as extravagant things. I was browsing a few web pages when I saw a picture of a limo bus on one of them. The group was having a blast! I have no idea who they were, but their pictures looked absolutely fabulous. That is when I decided that I was going to do the same thing. I knew a few of my family members had been in stretch limos before, but I didn’t think any of them had been in a party bus.

I did a search for a local limo company that has the buses, and that is how I found the one that I ended up getting the bus from. They actually have a really impressive fleet, and the prices are really good too. I was able to secure a bus for the date that everyone thought I was having a Christmas get together at my house. When they get here, they are going to be surprised to see that I don’t have any food or drinks out, since that is the main thing we do when we all get together.

There will be things, but the limo bus is going to take us to different places. After everyone is here, I will take them out where we will get on the bus. That is when the real party starts. We are going to stop at a pizza place, have some food and drinks, then have the limo bus take us around town to look at all of the lights. I know they are going to love it as much as me, and I also know that it will be hard for any of them to top this next year!

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Learning How to Sail Was Plenty of Fun in Our Retirement

My wife and I retired and got bored. We took a sailing class in Florida to learn how to operate a sailboat. Then we took an advanced class. After a few months of classes for all things sailing, we even took navigation classes on how to use a sextant. We learned how to pilot different types of sailboats. After renting a couple of boats for some intracoastal waterway trips, we decided to take an offshore voyage to some Caribbean islands. Then we started looking at used sailboats for sale to own our own vessel.

We took our journey into sailing slow. A lot of people just buy a boat and do not know what to do with it. Read all »

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