Fun Times in the New Car

I got a good deal on a new BMW recently. It was my dream car, and I had been saving up for a while to have enough money to buy it. I wanted to give it a new plate that reflected my style choices, so I went to to make one. The plate came in only a short time, and now I can ride around with it. Whenever people see me in my car, they always stop and take a look because of how unique it is. The people around here don’t really see many BMWs being driven around because they aren’t a car that a lot of people buy. Read all »

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Custom Plates to Hand on the Wall

I have twin boys who absolutely love cars and trucks and thought it would be a neat idea to find custom number plates they can hang in their bedrooms. The other day I came across an advertisement offering these items so I clicked on it and it directed me to I was amazed at how many different options there were to choose from and quickly forgot about time as I was looking around.

It was a little bit overwhelming to narrow down the choices and thought I should enlist the help of my two boys. I wanted to make sure these plates were exactly as they wanted them to be. Read all »

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