When I was hit not long ago, I admit that I was pretty upset. I had never been involved in an accident, and I was upset that this one happened because a teen was texting as she drove her car. Thankfully, neither of us were hurt, and her car only sustained a minor scratch. Mine, however, had a huge dent in the bumper. I took it to the garage I use and nearly fainted at the price they quoted me. I knew I had to see if I could find a better price. That’s how i found http://mobiledentrepairlondon.com.

A good friend of mine told me that it wouldn’t hurt to call them and see what they would charge. I wanted to know more about them before I called them though. I went to their website and looked around, and I was happy to see that I would be able to just get a quote directly through the website. I read everything on the site first, and I liked that they only fixed the damaged area. The reason my garage was going to charge so much is because they were going to replace the entire bumper after they saw the damage.

I thought that is what had to happen too, but I saw some picture on the dent repair website. It really is true that pictures speak a thousand words, because I could not see even a trace of where the dent was in the picture taken after they fixed just the dent instead of replacing the entire bumper. I submitted my information for a quote, and I was well pleased with the number they gave me not too much later. They fixed the bumper for me, and thankfully the girl’s parents ended up paying for it all. Everything worked out, and I just hope she puts her phone down when she drives from now on.

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