Of course I never really thought I would get this, but then I got a look at it and I realized that this was one heck of a project. Me and three other guys were interested in it and we were all joking about how much money and time a man could sink into this thing. One guy was saying that he would have to find a place with a train horn for sale and I looked at it and realized that some guy had ripped off the horns. You could see where they had been. Of course the likelihood is that they cannibalized this fire trucks for parts after it was out of use. It has apparently been sitting in the corner of the county garage for close to three decades. An old guy who worked at the garage strode up and talked to us about it. He told us that he had stripped some parts off it for use on newer trucks, the lights and the sirens and the horns.

That is the sort of thing you do when you are in a hurry obvious and this little town probably was not giving the fire department or the county garage every little thing that they asked for at any real hurry. I have to take shortcuts at work some of the time and I do not have a lot of bureaucracy to deal with. Of course the easiest thing would be to just pul the engine out of this thing and put in a new one. I am think I might do that as a shortcut. I can get something like an ambulance engine in a crate and probably drop it in this little truck with no problems. The surprising thing is that it still pumps water if you have a hose.

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