When I first moved to Pennsylvania, I had a bit of a culture shock. I lived in Arizona prior to this, and the seasons were so different in PA. I was actually able to experience snow as well as the beautiful colors of autumn for the first time in person. It was the snow that made me realize I needed to find a reputable auto repair service center in Exton PA because my car was simply not equipped to handle this extreme weather. I knew that I was going to need to get better tires on my car, but I also knew that I needed a lot more than that.

The wipers I had were the same ones I had two years ago. I never had to worry about snow or ice on my windshield, so there was really no need to replace them because they were not used that often. I also wanted to have my heater checked because I wanted to make sure it was working properly. This might seem silly to some, but there was a tad bit of fear attached to all of this too. I just wanted to make sure that my car was going to be as safe as possible for my first winter.

I looked at several shops in the area, but I chose Whitford Hills Auto for a couple of reasons. First, they are located just a mile from where I live, which made it extremely convenient for me. Also, they have the experience needed to work on my car. It is not a domestic car, so I wanted to make sure that the service center I used had the knowledge to do the repairs that I needed done to it. I felt very confident going into my first winter thanks to the care they gave to both me and my car!

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