I recommend Limo Service Express to anyone who needs to travel in style. I used to rent cars whenever I wanted to make an impression, because my car didn’t run very well and wasn’t too attractive either. The car has been chugging along for many years, and I think it’s finally on its last legs. While rental cars are great, they were just regular cars. Even luxury rental cars were still pretty ordinary to me, although they did look good. Only something like a limousine can suit my tastes and everyone else seems to like it too.

I always come across people who want to take a ride in my limo whenever I rent one. Sometimes it is my friends that want a ride, but I occasionally encounter strangers who want to ride as well. A majority of the time, I give a ride to females. I haven’t had too many males ask for rides, but the ones that do creep me out a little bit. I just ride past them as if I didn’t hear them asking for a ride. I don’t mean to be rude, I’d just rather not share the limo with them.

The best thing about being able to rent a limo is that it makes a great impression at formal events. Last year I went to a high school reunion, which was a bit more formal than I imagined it would be. I grabbed a tux at the last minute and rented a limo. Along with my date, I was the hottest thing at the reunion. Everyone was coming up to me to ask me about the limo and they were wondering how I had been for so many years. There’s something about arriving in a limo that makes a person the center of attention for a crowd.

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