Mosquito Aviation Mosquito XEL datasheet - BlueSkyRotor, modern ...As a ballooning enthusiast, I am very familiar with BALL Variometer products. They have become the world standard instrument cluster for the sport. I have used their products many times over the years and can vouch for their quality. Apparently, this quality has now been shared by the company’s newest division, Blue Sky Avionics.

Blue Sky Avionics will create avionics technologies not just for ballooning, but for all types of aviation. This will come as a great surprise for my ballooning friends that also love to fly. In fact, many of them will likely use Blue Sky’s products when they take to the sky.

When you take to the sky in a hot air balloon, you have to make sure that everything is just right. One false move can result in an absolute catastrophe. Read all »

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