My uncle Bob and I just got done with the job and I was surprised at how relatively easy it was. We got a rebuilt used engine with low mileage on it after searching for one like we needed on, which is a search engine for finding prices on engines. They shipped the engine to the place where Bob works and then he took it home with him and put it on his engine hoist. We did the whole thing in this shed out behind his house. It was just a matter of following the instructions and doing what you were told to do. We had to buy this book which cost about thirty dollars, but that was just to make it easier. It was not really necessary, but it was definitely a big help. You could have gotten the same information off of the Internet, but there is not a connection in that shed. It would have been a big pain to go back and forth to his house every time you needed to know what to do next. Of course Bob has done this about half a dozen times and so he had a good idea of what he was doing. He and I put a new engine in the 1988 Ford Thunderbird that I have been driving. I paid a thousand bucks for it and I had known from the start that the engine was on it’s final stages. When it went out there was not any point in trying to repair the engine. In fact the entire engine that we bought would have cost a good deal less than what it would have cost you to repair the engine that was in it. The thing was an incredible mess too, with everything hard to get to.

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