Gaylord’s big hotel at the National harbor has a big New Year’s eve thing and I am thinking about whether or not that is going to be the thing to do. Of course it is a simple idea. Almost any other idea you have might involve hiring a limo from a BWI car service and that gets real expensive in a big hurry. Obviously this is one night of the year and it is probably the one night of the year when I will really drink way too much. When I was younger that was a pretty common thing for me and the guys I used to hang out with, but when you get older it gets really hard to recover from a big night of binge drinking and it is obviously one of the least healthy things that you can do. Aside from the damage that it does to your internal organs you have to worry about the effect it has on your decision making processes.

This idea is still expensive, because it ends with you renting a pretty expensive hotel room for one of the busiest nights of the year. I would guess that just about every nice hotel room in the city is going to be full on New Year’s eve and that the people in them are probably not going to be getting a huge amount of sleep. I would guess that the people who have to clean up after the fact are dreading it, because you would have all of those people who would all be drinking excessively and they would be sure to make a huge mess. I know that I hated the morning after when me and my room mates used to have parties. Of course the place we stayed at was a shambles to start with.

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