I have found that utilizing a Limousine to get around town to be one of the more optimal choices whenever I’ve visited Dulles car service. No offense to the Taxi companies in the area but they are far more expensive than even a limousine which, as you’re probably thinking right now, is a mind blowing. Then again, I’ve also used Uber to great effect but Uber doesn’t have anything like a Limousine service but if they did, I can just imagine how popular they would be! The business model which Uber has created is a whole new way of approaching business and it’s thanks to the Internet that it has been made possible.

I believe that the Internet is a fundamental communication tool which is going to be necessary to the health of society if we want to continue progressing forward. This is why any threat to the Internet within any sovereign state is something that should be a major concern for both the businesses and the people who call that state home. The ability to share ideas and to communicate those ideas through the web is why economies all over the world are able to flourish as they are now and how businesses that were not once possible now are.

Even my own work exists thanks to the Internet. The amount of business that we have been able to do has increased by leaps and bounds due to the influence of the Internet and it giving us the ability to reach new clients across the world. I would have never foreseen this happening but I am completely thankful that we are now able to do this. Because of this and my hope for the success of human society as a whole, I will do everything that I can to fight for the web.

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