Trucks are what deliver the products we use everyday. Everything from your clothes to your medicine is delivered by trucks. Even the the family car you bought at the dealership was delivered by a truck. The refrigerated trucking industry makes it possible for us to eat like we do all year long. Fresh produce is brought in from other countries and delivered daily to our grocery stores. Perfectly ripe bananas, strawberries, corn, tomatoes, meat, dairy and more comes to your store via refrigerated trucks.

Many products are delivered partway to their destinations by planes, ships and trains. The last leg of the delivery is up to the trucks and their drivers. There is usually a steady stream of truck traffic at the loading docks of any major grocery store. Most stores only have one or two days of product on the shelves at any given time for the customers. A natural disaster would leave a lot of people doing without. Even the fuel for you vehicle was brought in on a truck. Trucking is the industry that drives commerce.

There is usually not enough local production to sustain a population area. Things need to be trucked in. A lot of things are luxury items we could do without, but the things we cannot do without are trucked in as well. A brief pause in the production line could make a lot of people nervous. Refrigerated trucking is also used to deliver medicines and other medical supplies and equipment that must be kept below room temperature. The fancy electronic items, and even the boxes that contain our online shipments all come from being delivered by trucks. We are in a global economy and the trucks help us to get the things we want fast. Items arriving by container ship from a foreign country may get delivered to the Eastern seaboard on a Monday and be in a store in the Midwest by Wednesday.

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