It does not really work that way, at least not unless you skip town and have the wedding in the court house some place. I am thinking about hopping on a plane to Las Vegas and spending all of the money that this is going to cost on gambling and drinking. I could actually see that instead of what it going to cost for all the stuff you need for the sort of wedding they want. You started out with a wedding limo in Toronto and that is going to run close a thousand dollars by itself if you get the full package. I am guessing that we shall probably try to get something which costs less than that, but which is still quite impressive when you drive away. In fact a lot of times they try to convince you to get a limo for all of the people in the wedding party, which I suppose is very impressive and it is nice if you are the maid of honor or the best man. Renting four or five limos is not in my plans, not at the rates that they charge for the things.

The big expense is going to be food for the reception. You are looking at something between a hundred and a hundred and thirty five people right now. It depends on who can make it and who can not. Each one of them gets a plate and the hotel is going to charge something pretty nice for that plate. You can spend as much or as little as you want, although I do not think the guests would forget if you gave them mac and cheese. It is going to cost something like fifty dollars for every person that you have there, and that is not going to get prime rib.

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