As a family we venture off into some wild areas to learn and to explore. I have had special training in my lifetime from my father and grandfather as well as university and government training that I found that is quite useful in teaching our curious children about the natural world. My wife is trained in botany, and we all have a wonderful time in the outdoors. However, getting to different places really works our four-wheel drive vehicle, and we do go through the tyres. I have a place where I get tough but cheap tyres in Dandenong for our customised excursion vehicle.

We have a vehicle that has a platform on top that a tent is erected on. The platform keeps us above the ground and safe from curious animals that could cause us some mischief. It is outfitted with so many LED lights and a heavy-duty power system that we can light up a 360 degree circle around us to see to drive out of any terrain at night. We pack in fuel, water and food, and we practice not leaving a trace of our visit behind. We are pleased how much our children respect nature without having to constantly be told. We teach them once, and they stick to the practices like good soldiers would.

We used to have a problem with tire cuts in the sidewalls on narrow trails from hitting rocks or jutting branches. Switching to Kevlar reinforced tires really helped. Plus, we had to find a tread type that let us get over rocks and through mud. There are specialty tires suited to each, but to travel over both takes some experience picking the best tread design. This is because in mud you want to stay on top of it, and in other terrains you may need to have the tread dig in to get a solid bite. We found the best tyre model for us, and we get our cheap tyres in Dandenong.

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